4. The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ

TITLE: The Crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus

DATE: 4.13.2020


This week we continue our study on the torture and death of Jesus on the cross.


Torture Under Pilate

Read John 19:1-3.

1. The Roman soldiers have no stake in the effort of the Jewish leaders to kill Jesus. Why would they act like this? Have you ever seen this kind of mockery of another person?

2. Have you ever seen this kind of thing happen to someone who has real power to stop it?


Read John 19:4-6.

Verse 6 tells us that when the Jewish leaders saw Jesus beaten, bloody, and mocked, called for His crucifixion.

3. Why do you think seeing Jesus like this prompted them to call for His death?


Read John 19:7-8.

4. What was Pilate afraid of?


Read John 19:14-16.

They showed no mercy to Jesus by severely beating him and making him carry his cross. When he could no longer carry his cross they forced Simon to carry it.


Torture on the Cross

Read Matthew 27:39-40.

5. Consider the words, consider their head shakes. What are they saying to Jesus? Why would this be a particularly cutting insult for Jesus?


Read Matthew 27:41-43.

6. Is what is said in Matthew 27:42 about saving Himself the truth?


Read Matthew 27:45.

7. The "sixth hour" is noon and the "ninth hour" is 3 pm. Why did the land become dark during the brightest part of the day?

8. Was Jesus' crucifixion "judgment day?"

9. Who is more to blame for Jesus' death? The Jewish leaders who successfully plotted against Him, the Roman's who tortured and killed Him, or you - who created the sins for which Jesus suffered judgment?


Read Matthew 27:46.

10. Notice that He does not call God "Father." What does this suggest? Was the relationship actually ruptured?


Death and Victory


Read Matthew 27:50-51.

11. Why would the veil in the temple between the holy and the most holy place be torn?


Read Matthew 27:52-53.

12. Why is this possible?


The Burial

Read Matthew 27:57-60.

13. Would Peter, or any of the eleven disciples, have requested Jesus' body? If you say, "no," why not?


Read Matthew 27:62-64.

14. How closely had the Jewish leaders followed the burial of Jesus?

15. What does this tell us about the "danger to Joseph" issue?

16. What worried the Jewish leaders?

17. On what charge had Jesus been found guilty by the Jewish leaders?


Read Matthew 27:65-66.

18. What reasons do you think Pilate had for agreeing to post a guard and seal the tomb?


The Resurrection

Read Matthew 28:1.

Matthew has the perfect opportunity to mention that the "Old Testament Sabbath" had now passed from significance and the new Sabbath, the Lord's Day, will now begin.

19. Why does he still use the old terminology?


Read Matthew 28:2-4.

20. How many angels from heaven does it take to "rescue" Jesus from the grave?

21. Notice that the angel "sits" on the stone. Why is that?


Read Matthew 28:5-6.

22. Who are the witnesses to what the angel has done?

23. Why does the angel say only to the women "Do not be afraid?" Is this because women are naturally more fearful?

24. Notice the angel says that Jesus has "risen, just as He said." Why does the angel make that note?

25. The angel offers to show the women where Jesus had been laying in the tomb. Why?


Read Matthew 28:7-9.

26. Why did Jesus appear first to these women? Why not to His disciples?


Read Matthew 28:10.

27. What promise does Jesus make to His disciples?

28. Why not just appear to the faithful women?


Read Matthew 28:11.

Imagine for a minute what is going through the minds of the Jewish leaders. Their worse fears have come to pass.


Read Matthew 28:12-14.

29. Why do this? Why not repent?


The Reaction and Result

Read Matthew 28:16-17.

30. On what basis would they doubt? They had seen Jesus!


Read John 5:26-27.

31. Why does Jesus' status as the "Son of Man" entitle Him to judge?


Read John 5:24-25.

32. When do those who hear and believe gain eternal life?








1. Being mean is not uncommon. The Romans believed they were a superior race and showed contempt for others to prove it.

2. What is amazing is Jesus had the power to stop this abuse but doesn't.

3. They could see that things were not going "their way." Pilate was allowing this abuse even while saying Jesus was innocent. They were afraid Pilot would set him free.

4. He was afraid of losing control of the people he governed.

5. That He is a liar. It is extremely insulting Because it is Satan, not Jesus, who is the "father of lies."

6. It is precisely the truth. Were Jesus to save Himself, He could not save us.

7. Read Isaiah 13:9-11. This describes God’s Judgment. Read Joel 2:1-2. This also describes the final judgment. What do both of these descriptions of judgment have in common with what happened between noon and 3 pm. of the day of Jesus' crucifixion? (They all had darkness.)

8. Yes! Read 2 Corinthians 5:21 and Galatians 3:13-14. We must not miss this truth. Jesus suffered all the abuse we just discussed because Satan was doing all in his power to cause Him to sin. But, on top of that Jesus suffered because He was experiencing judgment for your sins.

9. This is a trick question the answer is “all of the above”. “For all have sinned and fall short”. My sin is no worse or better than anyone else.

10. Read Psalm 22:1. Were you aware that Jesus was quoting Scripture in Matthew 27:46? When you read Psalm 22 you will discover it is a Psalm speaking about the Lord Jesus and you will see many of the verses there fulfilled by Christ. In particular Psalm 22:24 For he has not despised or scorned the suffering of the afflicted one; he has not hidden his face from him but has listened to his cry for help.This scripture says God did not hide His face from Jesus and He heard His cries for help. Now READ Philippians 2:6-8 Christ voluntarily emptied Himself into Human likeness and in humility was obedient to God the Father by dying on the cross. In His humanity Jesus cried out because He had emptied Himself. Just as Adam and Eve’s nature changed when they took on sin God was still with them and provided for them outside of the garden, Jesus’ human nature took the punishment for the sin of the whole world. When you read Psalm 22 remember it ends in victory.

11. It was all over. All of those animal sacrifices, all of the blood ceremony, the entire sacrificial system came to its climax and its fulfillment, in the death of Jesus, the Lamb of God.

12. Read 1 Corinthians 15:20-26. Jesus' death gave us victory over eternal death.

13. Too dangerous. Perhaps they might be killed like Jesus.

14. They knew He was in a tomb and where it was.

15. It was real.

16. That the disciples would steal the body and falsely claim Jesus has risen.

17. Review Matthew 26:60-64.They had no charges until Jesus said He was the Son of God. They accused him of blasphemy.

18. They all worried Jesus might really come to life.

19. Matthew gives no indication that the resurrection of our Lord results in a new day of worship.

20. The text shows us that the "secure as you know how" of man ( Matthew 27:65) turns out to be nothing when it comes to the power of one of God's angels.

21. This picture shows he was easily in charge.

22. The women ( Matthew 28:1) and the guards ( Matthew 28:4.)

23. The male guards were so afraid they became "like dead men." ( Matthew 28:4) What we see here is an important life lesson. God wants to take the fear out of our life. But, an important part of being without fear is being on the "right side."

24..This points back to the central theme of the trial and the controversy: will Jesus be able to rise in three days? He said He could. Now He proves it.

25. Heaven is building its "case." Jesus said He would rise in three days. The place where He was buried is empty. A heavenly being attests to this.

26. Read Matthew 27:61 and Matthew 28:1. The women probably never left Him until after his burial. The next morning, after the Sabbath, they came to continue the vigil at His tomb. Since they were the ones there they were the ones to first see Jesus.

27. That He will appear to them, too.

28. I’m sure in that culture the testimony of two distraught women would be discounted.

29. They would never admit they were wrong to the people. They would lose their trust and respect.

30. Since the disciples knew that Jesus had the power to raise the dead to life, it makes it hard to understand how they would doubt that Jesus had been resurrected however Warren Wiersbe says “Doubted is the same word as in 14:31; it denotes not intellectual unbelief but the hesitation natural to those confronted by a unique and ‘impossible’ occurrence.” Their doubts were probably based more on emotion rather than logic.

31. This refers to the victory of Jesus over death. Jesus lived a perfect life, died for our sins, and this gives Him authority to grant judgment on eternal life and eternal death.

32. We can "cross over" to eternal life right now. Notice that those who hear the word of God during life, also hear it during death!

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